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After 10 years of hand-coding websites (charmingly amateurish? quaint? a bit of a dog’s breakfast?) and leaving muddy paw-prints on various platforms around the blogosphere – time for a change, to a format a bit more in keeping with the professional function.

However . . . as well as importing serious, sensible content from the old blogs, sites and twitter, I have press-ganged Pirate SLT over here too, to add a touch of levity and adventure to the proceedings!

But what a time it has taken to find an accessible theme for WordPress that is not too tricky to set up – and actually works! At the time of posting I am trying “RedLine“.  There seems to be something not quite right with all of the “accessible” themes. In this one, hyperlinks are not automatically underlined by default, so I hope that I can fix that easily in the css.

Update: See Comment below for progress modifying the RedLine Theme css

The old content is still trundling over, trickling in and being trimmed, tidied or binned as necessary. So, apologies for any broken links, bumpy bits and otherwise not quite properly finished and highly polished parts.

In the meantime, continues to produce the “SaLT Mine Daily Diggings” Twitter Digest and there is the SaLTMine.News FaceBook Page.

On Twitter you will find me as:

@salt_mine : finding and sharing information about FREE SLT resources and CPD

@SLTags: mithering on about Speech & Language Hashtags and definitions

@PirateSLT : nattering with other #slpeeps

The Beautiful North!

Montage of images of landmarks in the North East and Cumbria

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