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Update: Links to removed as the service has shut down and the links would be broken.

Grey Dane’s amplify of discussion about the current Microsoft “MAC got it? Me too!!!” advertising campaign (so ill advised – has Apple got a mole in there?) reminded me of the best “Mac vs PC comparison” site I have ever come across.

I have been recommending this site for a few years now:

The author, John Droz, says:

“Any Windows/PC advocates who have nothing better to do than flame me, feel free to do so here. However, to be accurately informed, I would suggest that you first read the ENTIRE site (115± pages of some 1200 referenced reports, studies, etc.).”

The site is up and running now although a month or so ago it was blocked and seemed to have been hacked – all I got then was a banner advising that the site was downloading malware. In case this happens again, anyone wanting to refer to this treasure trove of info at their leisure can download a pdf of the whole site.

Clips from the site are under the picture of the pretty lady from Microsoft below.

Good reading!

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Funny, spot-on review of Microsoft’s new PC vs. Mac campaign


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Really, what is the point of trying to compare Windows to Mac. Do they really expect to win that comparison on merit and get any Mac users to convert? Tout your strength, but don’t fight a battle you can’t win.
Aug 10, 2010 8:36am by Grey Drane
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Memo to Microsoft marketing: Piss off with the Mac comparisons

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  • Although the information presented here was originally designed for schools, it is now applicable for any business or individual who is making a Mac/PC decision…
  • Despite doing my best I now find that I am getting a bit behind in keeping the site up-to-date. At this time I have over 150 new reports and articles to be incorporated into the website. If you have the time and interest to assist with this, please let me know!