NETA Benefit Night with Lost Voice Guy and Steffan Peddie | Ukelear Radiation

NETA Benefit Ashington Football Club. Giving Voice UK Banner, Liz Panton, Lee Ridley aka Lost Voice Guy

NETA Charity Night Ashington Football Club 7 June 2014  #givingvoiceuk #ICP2014

I was not sure whether to post this on my SaLT-Mine blog or my Ukelear Radiation blog.  I went with ukuleles in the end but it would be just as relevant here, particularly the section about my personal experience of Post-Sepsis Syndrome aphasia. See:

NETA Benefit Night with Lost Voice Guy and Steffan Peddie | Ukelear Radiation.

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After a break from blogging I came back here and discovered, with horror, how difficult it was to find content that I know is here . . . somewhere.

One of the problems is with pages, rather than blog posts.

It is not possible to assign a “Category” to a page or to “tag” a page.

I run another blog, all to do with ukuleles, and over there I have routinely blogged links to new pages.  It might mean an extra step or two to get to a target page but at least there is a signposted path to follow.

So, to help make this site more user-friendly, it is time to blog some links to the pages.

Better late than never!