Free CPD for SLPs via Twitter

If you are looking for Free CPD on the web, this is a good place to start:

Free CPD and resources for SLPs via Twitter

After a break from blogging I came back here and discovered, with horror, how difficult it was to find content that I know is here . . . somewhere.

One of the problems is with pages, rather than blog posts.

It is not possible to assign a “Category” to a page or to “tag” a page.

I run another blog, all to do with ukuleles, and over there I have routinely blogged links to new pages.  It might mean an extra step or two to get to a target page but at least there is a signposted path to follow.

So, to help make this site more user-friendly, it is time to blog some links to the pages.

Better late than never!

Volunteer Pool To ‘Crowd-Source’ Web Accessibility – will it work? Poll on Accessify Forum

Brilliant idea!
“An online service helping web users with disabilities report accessibility problems by linking them with thousands of tech- savvy volunteers is to be launched later this year by digital inclusion charity Citizens Online.


A trial version of ‘Fix the Web’, sub-titled ‘crowd-sourcing e- accessibility’, was unveiled at this week’s Web Accessibility London Unconference 2010 by Dr Gail Bradbrook, the charity’s lead consulant.


Web users will be able to report accessibility problems directly to the service using Twitter, email or online forms. Members of a pool of registered volunteers will then take responsibility for finding the correct official path or website owner contact to lodge the complaint on the user’s behalf, follow up any response and feed back to the user.


The project’s initial goal is to sign up 10,000 volunteers to cover 250,000 websites a year, Bradbrook said. Eventually she hopes to sign up 1.5 million volunteers worldwide. ”

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