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Volunteer Pool To ‘Crowd-Source’ Web Accessibility – will it work? Poll on Accessify Forum http://bit.ly/a1Doc1

Brilliant idea! “An online service helping web users with disabilities report accessibility problems by linking them with thousands of tech- savvy volunteers is to be launched later this year by digital inclusion charity Citizens Online.   A trial version of ‘Fix the Web’, sub-titled ‘crowd-sourcing e- accessibility’, was unveiled at this week’s Web Accessibility London […]

Last push to get a few more participants for 15 min. accessibility web study – THANKS FOR THE HELP – ALL DONE NOW!

Update July 22nd: Many thanks to everyone who helped – Kavita has emailed to say that they had a great response and have completed all three experiments 🙂 She is going to put a message on the website to say that it is finished. ************ Forwarded from: kavita thomas Date: 21 July 2010 09:31Subject: last […]

Pitfalls of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools

Good to see it’s not just me that finds it difficult to make sense of the different results from different tools.   Very nice little experiment here – using some of these tools to test the sites that provide the tools themselves. From www.standards-schmandards.com Pitfalls of Web Accessibility Evaluation Tools Summary: Automated web accessibility evaluation […]