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Stop spam and personal data capture

Free email encoding for websites and blogs: Any email address entered on this blog is converted automatically into a code designed to foil spam-bots. This is done using the WP Email Encoder Bundle It comes with the form below. You can use this to generate an encoded email address, eg. to embed in your own […]

Free CPD for SLPs via Twitter

If you are looking for Free CPD on the web, this is a good place to start: Free CPD and resources for SLPs via Twitter After a break from blogging I came back here and discovered, with horror, how difficult it was to find content that I know is here . . . somewhere. One […]

YouTube auto generated channels for SLPs

Quite by chance, I noticed yesterday that there was a YouTube auto generated Channel for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  Remembering that Kate Caryer had asked members of the “Unspoken” Group for links to AAC media, I popped straight over to Facebook to post the link. When I came back to YouTube, I could not find […]