YouTube auto generated channels for SLPs

Quite by chance, I noticed yesterday that there was a YouTube auto generated Channel for Augmentative and Alternative Communication.  Remembering that Kate Caryer had asked members of the “Unspoken” Group for links to AAC media, I popped straight over to Facebook to post the link.

When I came back to YouTube, I could not find this channel again.  This time, it didn’t turn up in the search results for “augmentative and alternative communication”.  So back I went to Facebook to find and copy the link that I had posted there.  Only I could not find the “Unspoken” Group!  So back I went in my browser history to find it, resolving to bookmark the channel and subscribe to it, in order to save time in future.

I was intrigued to know where this channel had come from.  The answer is on the Official YouTube for May 4th 2012,  “Finding and following new channels you love“.  There is further info on the YouTube Support Page – extract below: Continue reading “YouTube auto generated channels for SLPs”

Avoiding telephone nuisance-callers!

The phone rings for the fifth time time today . . .  and, yet again, the caller display says “Out of Area” . . . but might it, just for once, be a genuine call?

Not someone wanting to sell me loft insulation, help me to reclaim PPI or get compensation for the, “accident you had within the last year, according to our records”?

Not someone in China, who cares about me enough to want to help with the serious security problem they have identified on my Windows PC? (Gottamac acktually.)

Oh, what a surprise. It’s another “cold caller” interrupting me and . . . what exactly was I doing and thinking before they called?  Damn and blast their eyes!  The downside of working from home.

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New salt-mine blog

Montage of images of landmarks in the North East and Cumbria

After 10 years of hand-coding websites (charmingly amateurish? quaint? a bit of a dog’s breakfast?) and leaving muddy paw-prints on various platforms around the blogosphere – time for a change, to a format a bit more in keeping with the professional function.

However . . . as well as importing serious, sensible content from the old blogs, sites and twitter, I have press-ganged Pirate SLT over here too, to add a touch of levity and adventure to the proceedings!

But what a time it has taken to find an accessible theme for WordPress that is not too tricky to set up – and actually works! At the time of posting I am trying “RedLine“.  There seems to be something not quite right with all of the “accessible” themes. In this one, hyperlinks are not automatically underlined by default, so I hope that I can fix that easily in the css.

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