iCab – Internet Browser for Mac

I am a bit of a “browser tart” and have tried quite a few. There is a free version of iCab if you fancy a try. One of the nice features is that it can emulate most of the popular browsers. This is handy if you are a web developer and want to see how your site renders in IE (Windows and Mac), Firefox, Safari, etc.


There are no “Add-ons” like Firefox, Opera or Chrome so I cannot be tempted to overload it and it is always fast and clean 🙂


As far a Amplify is concerned, I installed the Bookmarket in iCab and it worked fine creating this clip and post (I was able to add tags too!).


I have just downloaded the iPhone version to give it a try – I have been using the “Freakin Firefox” Safari Mod so far. There isn’t a free version of mobile iCab but I couldn’t resist trying it out anyway.

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iCab – Internet Browser

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iCab – The Taxi for the Internet

iCab is a web browser for the Apple Macintosh.

iCab is an alternative web browser for the Apple Macintosh with numerous useful features not found in other browsers. You can download the current release from the download page. iCab is shareware and costs $20 / 15 EUR, but it can be also used for free with a small limitation.

You can Register iCab Pro now! It will cost only $20

Please also visit the iCab Blog. This blog is all about iCab, Mac and iPhone programming with Cocoa & Objective C and the Web.

July 2010: Version 3.5 of iCab Mobile is available now. Now also supporting the new iPhone 4.
July 2010: iCab 4.8 is available now. Please download it now.

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