BBC Question Time - David Dimbley behind desk - looking sardonic

NHS Bill – Complaint to BBC about BBCQT – not one question!

I am sure not everyone will agree with what I said about the differences in NHS services and take-up of private health care in London vs other parts of England but it reflects my experience.

If you want to complain about the lack of BBC coverage of the general disquiet and dismay about the NHS Bill or BBC Question Time on 22nd March from Grimsby in particular, there is a BBC online complaint form here:

BBCQT on Twitter: ~ use #bbcqt to join debate

BBCQT on Google +

The BBC seems completely out of touch with the general mood of public opinion and widespread fear and anxiety about the changes to our way of life as a result of the NHS Bill.  Even the Daily Mail was more in touch than the BBC!

BBC Question Time - David Dimbley behind desk - looking sardonic
BBC Question Time – David Dimbleby


I have worked in he NHS for over 30 years, in London, the South East and the North East. Services are generally poorer in London not least because the private sector has been stronger for much longer.  More people (proportionally) are reliant on or can afford to choose private health care than on other parts of the England.

Maybe this is why the BBC, based in London, is unaware of or has chosen to ignore the strength of public and professional opinion against the NHS Bill? It certainly did not get the coverage it deserved.

This blinkered, parochial attitude was shockingly in evidence on BBC Question Time on 22nd March. Not a single question about the NHS Bill – it beggars belief.

I have had the unfortunate experience of being interviewed by the BBC as part of the “background” for a programme, ostensibly about poverty but the “story” was that people were “greedy” in taking on more than one low-paid job! I am therefore well aware of how the BBC can manipulate and harass people to try to get them to say what they want to hear to support the “findings” they have decided in advance.

I would like to know how it came about that, to add insult to the injury of the poor coverage before 20th, there was not one question about the NHS Bill on BBCQT on 22nd.

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