Stammering Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue (1929) eBook 2009 by STIR (Warning: No single #stammer “cure”) #SLTFreeCPD


This publication does not reflect 21st Century understanding of how a qualified speech therapist who is accountable to a professional body would manage stammering.

It is not considered possible to cure a stammer (stutter), in the accepted medical sense of the word (BSA, 2006). The word ‘cure’ never appears in the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Clinical Guidelines (RCSLT, 2005). With respect to stammering the College notes that, “Some clients retain a life-long vulnerability to fluency disruption and so may require repeated episodes of care at different stages in their lives” (RCSLT, 2005:74).

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FREE online courses – Stammering/Stuttering – all Oct 2010 – International Stuttering Awareness Day Oct 22nd

groups of boys excluding another boy

groups of boys excluding another boy

Excellent free on-line conference all this month plus access to materials from previous annual conferences.


Raising awareness:
“Going green for ISAD


People who stammer are encouraged to wear sea green clothes or a ribbon, on 22nd October to mark International Stammering Awareness Day.


Sea green ribbonMichael Sugarman writes (Oct 2009):
“People have asked, “What color do we use for stuttering awareness?” This year marks the debut of a stuttering awareness ribbon. The color is sea green.


“The color ‘blue’ has traditionally been associated with calm while ‘green’ represents liberty, freedom and justice. The combination of these colors for People who Stutter shows the bond between ‘peace’ and ‘liberation’ when finding support and community with other people who understand and share their experiences. These are reflected in the Bill of Rights and Responsibilities of People who Stutter (link to ISA website).


“Remember to wear Sea Green clothes or ribbon on October 22nd to raise awareness about stuttering and the issues people who stutter face everyday.”


The British Stammering Association is also running a campaign, “Stammering is no joke”

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International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference, 2010
For participants who need some basic information about stuttering, please read about Stuttering from the American Speech, Language and Hearing Association. Additional information is available on the Stuttering Home Page.
Beginning October 1 there are papers covering a variety of topics related to fluency and fluency disorders, as well as “The Prof Is In” where you can ask questions of several professionals. The contributions in this conference reflect professional and consumer interests about stuttering and are presented by over 65 individuals representing eleven different countries on five different continents. Each paper also has a threaded discussion page for your comments and questions. By October 22, 2010, International Stuttering Awareness Day, the authors of the papers will respond as they wish.