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Stammering Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue (1929) eBook 2009 by STIR (Warning: No single #stammer “cure”) #SLTFreeCPD

#Warning This publication does not reflect 21st Century understanding of how a qualified speech therapist who is accountable to a professional body would manage stammering. It is not considered possible to cure a stammer (stutter), in the accepted medical sense of the word (BSA, 2006). The word ‘cure’ never appears in the Royal College of […]

Fluency Tracker iPhone/iPad app reviewed for BSA

Detailed review by stammerer Stephen Paterson for British Stammering Association. Amplify’d from www.stammering.org Fluency Tracker iPhone app Stephen Paterson reviews the Fluency Tracker application for iPhone (or iPod touch / iPad).   Fluency Tracker is as described by the developers “an application designed for individuals who stutter and parents of children who stutter. Fluency Tracker […]

BSA National Conference – Durham City, 9th-11th Sept 2011 – register on BSA website early 2011?

See links below for how to follow:   British Association for Stammering BSA – sign up for email updates on website, follow on Twitter or Facebook Page   Durham Stammering Support Group – website and Facebook Page. Amplify’d from www.facebook.com Durham Stammering I want to announce that the Durham Group will be hosting next years […]