Stammering Its Cause and Cure by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue (1929) eBook 2009 by STIR (Warning: No single #stammer “cure”) #SLTFreeCPD


This publication does not reflect 21st Century understanding of how a qualified speech therapist who is accountable to a professional body would manage stammering.

It is not considered possible to cure a stammer (stutter), in the accepted medical sense of the word (BSA, 2006). The word ‘cure’ never appears in the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists’ Clinical Guidelines (RCSLT, 2005). With respect to stammering the College notes that, “Some clients retain a life-long vulnerability to fluency disruption and so may require repeated episodes of care at different stages in their lives” (RCSLT, 2005:74).

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BSA monitors cuts in NHS Speech Therapy Services for stammerers

Confidential survey – can be completed by service users or providers.
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NHS service watch – a confidential survey

Has your local speech and language therapy service been reduced? Or are there long waiting lists, or no stammering service at all for an age group? Let us know.

We have been hearing worrying accounts of cuts to speech and language therapy services for stammering. We need to gather evidence of what is happening round the country so that we can try to do something about it.

If your local service for stammering has reduced, or just if you have found there is a long waiting list, or no service for a particular age group (or at all), please let us know using the form below.

-You do not have to give your name.
-The only box you have to fill in is the one with the red border, question 3.


Fluency Tracker iPhone/iPad app reviewed for BSA

Detailed review by stammerer Stephen Paterson for British Stammering Association.

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Fluency Tracker iPhone app

Stephen Paterson reviews the Fluency Tracker application for iPhone (or iPod touch / iPad).


Fluency Tracker screenshot -
Fluency Tracker screenshot -

Fluency Tracker is as described by the developers “an application designed for individuals who stutter and parents of children who stutter. Fluency Tracker will complement the services provided by speech therapists by offering clients a tool they can use to track their progress towards a more fluent speech, positive feelings about speech, and a decrease in avoidance behaviours that are associated with stuttering”.

From Speaking Out Summer 2010, pages 10-11