Good guide to choosing an OpenID Provider

Complete luck rather than judgement that I signed up with MyOpenID, which is one the the three providers recommended here.


See full text, all criteria and ratings at


Sample of criteria and ratings:


Name Ease of use Security
Blogger 9 4
ClaimID 9 4
GetOpenID 7 4
Google 7 4
LiveJournal 9 1
★ MyOpenID 8 9
MySpace 6 1
Sxipper 7 8
★ VeriSign 7 7
Vidoop 8 4
WordPress 5 1
★ Yahoo! 10 4

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OpenID Explained
Who should my provider be?
We have compiled a list of all the OpenID providers we can find. But first, here are some important things to consider when choosing an OpenID Provider: (Skip to the list)
Trustworthiness: Choose a provider that you trust.
Longevity: Choose a provider that will stay around for a while.
Comprehensiveness: Choose a provider that gives you extra services.
Security: Choose a provider who can secure the log-in process.
Just as with any website, some are more secure and some less. Consult the list below to see the providers that we found to be the most secure. Our Rubric for how we scored them can be found at the bottom of the page.
Social implications: Choose a provider with which you want to be identified.

The list

That said, here is a list of the providers that we know about along with some comments we or other OpenID users have developed about them. Ones with ★’s next to them are our recommendations.Read more at