New salt-mine blog

Montage of images of landmarks in the North East and Cumbria

After 10 years of hand-coding websites (charmingly amateurish? quaint? a bit of a dog’s breakfast?) and leaving muddy paw-prints on various platforms around the blogosphere – time for a change, to a format a bit more in keeping with the professional function.

However . . . as well as importing serious, sensible content from the old blogs, sites and twitter, I have press-ganged Pirate SLT over here too, to add a touch of levity and adventure to the proceedings!

But what a time it has taken to find an accessible theme for WordPress that is not too tricky to set up – and actually works! At the time of posting I am trying “RedLine“.  There seems to be something not quite right with all of the “accessible” themes. In this one, hyperlinks are not automatically underlined by default, so I hope that I can fix that easily in the css.

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