New bloggers added to Canny SLT Web on!

Julie Carr has been updating her Julie Giving Voice blog today, about her Giving Voice UK campaigning, and I am eagerly awaiting Chris Plant’s latest reflections on
From PhD to . . .

Many thanks to both of them for also giving me the “OK” to add them to the “Canny SLT Web” blog-roll on

Until now, the content has been devoted solely to the extremely useful CPD updates from Graham Williamson’s website STIR: Speech Therapy Information and Resources

Having added Julie’s and Chris’s blogs I got all brave again and added two of my own blogs to the Canny SLT Web blog-roll: this salt-mine one and Total Communication

(Update: the latter was a Posterous blog.  All content has now been transferred to the blog you are reading here.)

What I had not realised was that it does not matter when content is actually posted, the new additions to the aggregated rss content in the blog-roll just plonk themselves on top of the old content. So now Graham’s stuff is buried at the bottom, then there is Chris’s then Julie’s then mine! Removing and re-adding makes no difference (I tried it). As new posts are added from any source, they will sit at the top, so it will sort itself out in the long term. But the current content is still “untidy” to my mind and I don’t like that, drat-it!

Are there any other SLT websites and blogs to add? I am always on the look-out but, to be able to add them, there needs to be a blog or a page with updated content to capture via an rss feed.

rss feeds have been the bane of my life tonight – so much else to do and I have been wrestling with the Posterous feed for my Total Communication blog, Feedburner and Google Reader.  Boring as hell, as all technical glitches are. Finally accepted that I could not fix it so posted a description of the problem as a response to the post annoucing the Feedburner rrs option on the official Posterous blog. Annoyingly, it is not possible to link to individual comments so that link goes to the original blog-post plus all comments – I am still tetchy, as you can tell!


My lovely, little dog is terrified of the fireworks that have been going off since the beginning of September and has been huddled in her favourite cwtch, rather than pressed into me, shivering on my lap, so I cannot blame her this time for any typo’s.

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