Inspired by other SLT bloggers in the North East!

Although I have blogged about speech and language issues, ukuleles, etc. and have run an SLT website since 2003, I have never really taken to “personal blogging”.

I did try my hand at it on Amplify for a while but it did not feel that comfortable.

However, I have been inspired by the confidence (bravery?) of Julie Carr and Chris Plant and think I will give it a go!

I have even linked this blog to my website so that people might actually find them!

Enough for now – the ukulele calls me!

2 thoughts on “Inspired by other SLT bloggers in the North East!”

  1. I think you are a natural for blogging, Julie. Afraid that by the time I think, “Oh, that is something that might interest other people” the moment has passed šŸ™‚ By the way, there is an easy way to get all updates from the “Canny SLT Web” info stream here:

  2. I was just having a look on the SaLT-Mine website and came across this – I’m delighted to see that my blog was part of the inspiration behind you starting your own personal blog! :-)My Giving Voice blog is the first time I’ve ever had a go at blogging but I’ve found that I really enjoy it!

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