Ukulele Song for Giving Voice

Giving Voice – Ukulele Song – Liz Panton

Giving Voice UK Song mp3
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Added this inspiring video of the Giving Voice Communication Chain over The Tyne on 20 Nov 2011, with my song used as the soundtrack – I could not be more thrilled!

I thought about all the times I have been asked what a Speech and Language Therapist does and this song came to me.

It is desperately sad that there are so many people needing Speech and Language Therapy and at the same time there are so few jobs for newly qualified therapists. It is shocking that there are over 300 members of the Facebook Support Group for unemployed newly SLTs, some of whom qualified over a year ago.

I very much hope that the Giving Voice Campaign can succeed in getting adequate funding for SLT services across the UK.

I forgot to say when I was adding the video to the Giving Voice UK website that this was for Gateshead Speech & Language Therapy service – drat!

I love the videos here:

For more information about the Giving Voice campaign:

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